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We help you get better at Web Development, App Development, Digital marketing concepts like SEO, Social Media Marketing, BPO, IOT/AI services etc through Business Perspective. Years of our excellence and expertise in this field is being shared as blogs here, so that these will help businesses and individuals understand the underlying concepts of above topics to develop their knowledge and business by applying it. Hoping all will utilise these knowledge base to grow their dreams and make our vision to develop a technologically advanced society a reality

Business Outsourcing

Business Outsourcing

What is outsourcing? Business outsourcing, or BPO, is a business practice in which one organization hires another company to perform

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E-mail marketing
Digital Marketing

E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy based on sending emails and developing relationships with customers. An effective email marketing

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on page seo

On-Page SEO

What is an On Page SEO? I hope the previous discussion on Search engine optimization made a certain impression among

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SEO poster

What is SEO?

Overview In today’s world, it is tough to find a condition where people work without the help of technology. Every

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ecommerce and covid-19

COVID-19 & its Effects on Ecommerce

COVID-19 pandemic may be considered as a defining factor for many indispensable changes to the social, and economic conditions of the world in the upcoming decade. The number of individuals allowed to be together . . .

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Blockchain Technology

We all are aware of how innovation is driving scientific and technological developments and how it will impact the future. Out of the many emerging…

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IOT poster

Internet of Things

Internet of things Today we are dwelling in a world where we are surrounded by innumerable smart devices. But when we travel back to time…

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