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Internet of Things

Today we are dwelling in a world where we are surrounded by innumerable smart devices. But when we travel back to a time when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, people were awed to know about the newly emerging technology that gave people a technology to communicate sitting at home even though you are separated by farther distances and that’s how an era of devices started evolving where the ease of communication between people just kept on improving with time. Now we have reached an era where every human being is attached to smart devices or machines that propel and make our communication easier and make the services accessible to us in an easier way. IoT may be the one that does the task for us.

internet of things

But still, there is a large number of drastic problems that need a solution and now we are familiar with how IoT is helping us find the best solutions. Just you know when we run short of vegetables in our homes we go to markets for procuring them. Now let me tell you a scenario in which your refrigerator will order the vegetables for you based on the shortage of vegetables in the refrigerator. That’s awesome right.

So what IoT does?
It basically connects all physical devices through the internet enabling communication between the various devices. It involves everything such as smartphones, washing machines, refrigerators, headphones, coffee makers, wearable devices or anything else you think of. Things can talk to things. This is the ideology behind IoT.

Just imagine one more scenario in which it’s a fine beautiful morning and you are laying on the bed. Just when you open up your eyes you sense that you are not able to breathe properly. The smartwatch on your wrist senses that your pulse rate is having some problem and your mobile phone displays the message “high blood pressure” and this message is sent to the hospital emergency ward. Soon the emergency medical team arrives and rescues you from a heart attack. Likewise, I can enlist an innumerable number of scenarios how IOT can help us

Above were the different scenarios in which IoT can solve our bigger problems. Connected wearables, Connected homes (Smart homes), Connected cars, Connected cities (Smart city) All these concepts can be implemented possibly by IoT.

Internet of Things

We can get the best feedback on our mental and physical health. Best and optimum resource allocation will be done based on real-time monitoring. Best decision making on mobility patterns solving traffic problems. Thus offering us benefits such as unprecedented connectivity, improved efficiency, cost savings, and Time savings. IoT is a boon to mankind which gives us an idea on how to connect everything that we have developed so far and use that technology to automate many processes making our life easier. We need to step forward and embrace this technology in solving greater problems and help humanity propel forward

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