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"You have to dream before your dreams can come true" - By Late Dr A . P . J Abdul Kalam

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It was a Friday afternoon that I was traveling in the yellow line of the Delhi metro. Sitting there in that long metal tube, burrowing its way through Delhi’s underground I, probably for the first time, thought about the marvelous piece of engineering that I was experiencing first hand. The Delhi metro comprises of more than 200 metro stations, some of them underground, some of them running overhead. Nearly 280 trains traverse a distance of more than 300 Kms daily. These trains together conduct a jaw dropping 2700 trips daily. Nearly 2.76 million people commute by the metro daily. As I was sitting there, overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the numbers I had just goggled, I wondered how many of the 2.76 million people are actually aware of the huge impact technology has had on their lives. The metro has come as a huge relief to the denizens of Delhi, who for a long time have been hoping for a respite from the hectic traffic and equally torturous weather conditions. Technology has made it possible for them to lead their lives in a much more comfortable way. This is what we at Siddhyanga Technologies aim to do. We aim to implement low cost solutions to the problems faced by society at large and in the process pave the way for a new technological revolution that will act as a benchmark for other aspiring entrepreneurs to look up to. By George Varghese #technology #siddhyanga #social #life