Computer terminology and digital marketing vocabulary is not unfamiliar to many in today’s world. But those of us who are not sure about what a specific words means still go to Google for help. And Google defines ‘pay per click’ as ‘a business model whereby a company that has placed an advertisement on a website pays a sum of money to the host website when a user clicks on to the advertisement’. But is that all there is to it?.

Pay per click is that term which has taken online advertising and digital marketing to a completely different level. Pay per click marketing is the way of using the search engine’s advertising by sponsored ads to generate more traffic to your website, rather than earning those clicks organically without spending a dime. Google AdWords pay per click is by far and wide the most popular PPC advertising platform on the web and there are so many companies bidding for that yellow tag on the search results, offering similar services as your business. So, how do you get that coveted position on the search results page without doing too much work on your website? For this, you need to know how Google AdWords works. It is quite simple actually- it operates on the kind of pay per click model in which users bid on keywords and pay for each click on their advertisement’s link which appears on search results. But the unique feature and advantage of PPC marketing are that Google as well as other ad networks don’t just reward the highest bidders for that sought after ad space. The ad space actually goes to the highest-quality ads. Every time a search is initiated, Google chooses a set of ads to appear in the ad space on its search results page from among the bidding AdWords advertisers. These ads are chosen based on a blend of factors, including the quality and significance of their keywords and ad text, as well as the size of their keyword bids. Although PPC marketing is considered advantageous for searchers, advertisers, and search engines alike, it can turn into a kind of despair for you if you don’t know your way about it.