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What is SEO?


In today’s world, it is tough to find a condition where people work without the help of technology. Every field that is related to man’s interest has some way of the other, found its way towards modern techniques to take it to the next level. But how does a common man in his household get access to these or even knowledge about these advancements, that is happening even while you are reading this writeup? That’s where a deep intimate relation between the internet and the many available search engines come into the picture. Yes, that’s right! They say, “Google it!”. Search Engines, help us connect to a storehouse of information to the necessities of individuals worldwide.

Of these Google is the most rated, with a maximum search of about 2.2 million power day. This means as you read these, about 1000 searches are happening in the world. People search for facts, ideas, technologies, services, etc, on different websites handled by different people, organizations, or businesses throughout the world. Then comes the question of what the search engine shows and what searchers select and what they finally agree on. This is where the inevitable war between the search engines and websites and the powerful weapon of search engine optimization or SEO comes to play.


Search Engine Vs Website :

You may be wondering why a search engine is in the need to fight against content that is available on a particular web page. Some of you may also be wondering why a website needs to fight back. The answer here lies in one word: ‘genuineness’. What is one thing that is common to both parties? It is the consumers.

A user has to access a search engine in order to get information that is not available to him locally. This is where they might find thousands of search results that may contain information about our close to what the user expects. The duty of a search engine is to reduce the work of the user to reach the necessary information, with the least consumption of the user’s time and energy. So it shows the user a number of search results that match their necessities in the order of the best ranking by taking hundreds of factors into consideration.

SEO the tool to compete and top the searches

This is how users get attached to a search engine and it thrives. This is where the websites fall out. They need to compete with either other websites or the search engine to catch the eye of the user. And in this ever-ongoing war, this is exactly where the nuke of SEO comes in. The web service provider uses hundreds of techniques. They either make their content excellent to the user or at least the search engine. This may be either virtual or real. Needless to say, the search engine prefers the latter to the former. Thus it finds newer techniques to fight against false or fraudulent content to give the user the best experience they get. It is more like a democracy. The ruling party and the opposition fight against each other’s ideologies, and thus make the life of the subjects easier.

On-page and Off-page SEO techniques:

There are numerous ways to improve traffic on a particular web page of a particular publisher. Search Engine Optimization covers very many areas of these ways to tackle the search engine with full power. These techniques are majorly split into On page and Off page SEOs. On the page, SEOs deal mostly with the factors that have to be dealt with in the process of presenting the content on the website. Some of those factors include the content, keywords, title and description optimization, CTR (Click Through Rate) optimization, and so on.

The above-mentioned factors must be optimized first in order for Off-page SEOs to work. Off-page factors include processes that are usually dealt with the website, post preparation such as Back-links in other web pages or sites, Social media promotion, guest blogging, brand mentions, etc. A website can reach great heights in a short span of time if both of these techniques are optimized for the publisher’s business needs.

White and Black Hat SEO

To reach a destination one may use the straight way by doing getting things rightly done with the correct documents and paying the right toll and so on., or he/she might use a shortcut to avoid officiality and try to achieve the goal. Similar is the case here with Search Engine Optimization. The ultimate aim of a publisher is to get the eyes of the maximum number of users that may favor his/her business or firm. As mentioned before, either the business must be legitimate that he may advertise without constraints, or they must catch the attention of the consumer by adding data that do not contribute much to the cause of truly satisfying the consumer. The former is usually termed as a White hat and the latter as Black hat SEO techniques.

You might have started wondering again. Why there are White hat SEO techniques when we can always get through easily the short way. It’s true that even though Black hat SEO as the description suggests, looks not so right in the eyes of the pure white guys, it has advantages of its own. For a business that is localized to a small area, and wants to develop a larger crowd in a short period of time, Black Hat techniques for Search Engine Optimization is suited.

How these techniques help in SEO

This allows the company to improve its traffic with not very correct information but considerably higher than the White Hat techniques. But this golden egg-laying goose would not last for long as search engines recognize this activity and mark such content as spam. Thus for those businesses that want the eggs or at a time and grow at a slow rate but reach a greater height, make the content that is true to their work. Besides White and Black Hat SEO techniques, there exists a third category of optimizing the search engine know to be Grey Hat SEO techniques. As the name suggests by itself, this kind of SEOs is the ones that are not completely black as to recognize as spam content but not so white as they mention themselves to be.

Know more about White Hat & Black Hat Techniques here.

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