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Social Media Marketing: A key to success

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing (SMM), social media optimization, social media advertising, social media management, and so on, the names go. But what are the meanings of them? Are they the same? How are they different if not? All these questions are going to be answered in this write-up concerned with social media marketing, to break the suspense, who is the universal set comprising of all the others.

SMM is the process of enhancing the reach of your business through the available social media platforms and the tools available in them. The others are a bit more specific in their definitions. As the name suggests, the act of setting up the content and other factors like the personal and business localization details and optimizing the content for a group of targeted audiences is Social Media Optimization. 

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is the process of managing the content and customer responses to keep them happy. And last but not least, the methods of using the advertising techniques in Social Media Platforms are the ones that fall under Social Media Advertising.

To start with all of it, for a sake of completion let’s name the most important social media platforms available for SMM and how they may be helpful. They are,
1. Facebook: Apt since there is a wide range of consumer presence.
2. Instagram: Good for visual and photographic ads.
3. LinkedIn: Professionals first of all look here.
4. Pinterest: Photographic ads.
5. Twitter: Written posts to increase brand awareness.
6. YouTube: To include videos related to your business and video advertising.

Besides these advertising platforms such as Google ads too help in marketing and can be categorized under Social Media Marketing.


Before coming to the fact of managing the social media accounts over time, an important question that many budding businesses and even a few established ones ask and need to be answered is: Why should my business be active in Social Media?

The answer is simple as ABC, your customers are there in vast numbers. There are about 3 billion people all over the world on social media and a person on an average uses 4 hours of his time there. All of these are platforms that are helpful to business enhancement if optimized correctly. There you go, here comes the part of social media optimization.


A good social media strategy includes planning the ways of delivering your content to the followers in a most efficient way. One of the most important is to plan the platforms that your business is going to be active on. Well yeah, now it is a bit out of track. Yes! Your business need not be present in all of the above mentioned social media stations. To say simply it depends on the products or services that your company renders.

For example, a company that is very much in the field of information technology needs not to be as active in Pinterest as on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The content you choose that has to be displayed should be apt for the platform you choose to show them in. Other aspects of social media optimization include the right information, description, and other factors that help a customer reach your business and make a deal. After all of this is set comes the part of SMM and Management.


Social Media Management can be termed as the backbone of the process of social media marketing. Without management, your social media marketing is like sowing a seed and waiting for fruits without watering it. Correct planning for the days on which your pre-made content will go live is a key to a good marketing strategy on social media. Engaging your audience not as much as possible rather as timely as possible is the goal. Making the posts regular with mind-boggling content throughout the week contends your followers. But this is a slow process known as organic traffic. Speeding up the process is the use of inorganic techniques such as social media advertising. Then the magic starts and your duck starts laying golden eggs.


From the above terminology, it becomes clear that social media is not only for posting the contents related to your business but also for the advertisements of your products and services. Different social media platforms provide different ways of advertising in their interfaces. The most important ones are Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Ads. A few interfaces are shown in the pictures below.


These ads are the easiest ways to increase the traffic into your websites or displaying your products or services to the audience that you target.

Facebook Ads Inteface

Google Ads Interface


I would probably say the businesses that say that they are not interested to spend or be active on social media are probably the ones who have never tasted the gains from the techniques of SMM. Social media can be termed as an interface that has changed the lifestyle of hundreds of businesses. All the above-mentioned things go useless if only read and not applied since the actual feel of the business boost can only be felt if it is applied. It is like saying you will never taste the goodness of chocolate unless you have it on your tongue.

Know more about Impact of social media on businesses here.

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