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COVID-19 & its Effects on Ecommerce

COVID-19 pandemic may be considered as a defining factor for many indispensable changes to the social, and economic conditions of the world in the upcoming decade especially in the field of eCommerce. The number of individuals allowed to be together in public places such as Restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and gyms in many major cities is reduced drastically from early January. At this time many office workers are facing newer difficulties. People are essentially learning to live by the conditions and adapt according to the situation for a living.

One such adaptation found was in the shopping behavior and patterns related to the item purchased, the time, the place, etc. There has been a rapid change of pace in the loss and gain of retailers and storekeepers in the past months. Increased number of regulations and effects of lockdowns have reduced the profits of the retailers, to the contrary, the situation is of a loss of purchased items. Avoiding non-essential goods and purchasing only the indispensable commodities has become common nowadays. Thus retailers and Local store owners have to change and adapt accordingly to meet the needs and demands of the consumers to make a living.
This writeup is an information guide to eCommerce businesses to understand the behavioral shift of buying and selling of the consumers and improve the marketing strategies to boost your brand.

Covid-19 and eCommerce

Effects of COVID-19:

In the early stages of the viral pandemic, the news of the rapid spread of the disease and lockdowns kindled an ignition of the fire of panic buying. People started to stock up groceries and supplies for difficult times about to come. The supply of goods to consumers could not be met with the demands of the customers this bearing weight on the local shopkeepers. Another factor is the crowd mentality. People tend to have the mindset the same as in the story of the monkey and the cap seller. One person starts to accumulate items hearing to rumors and misunderstandings, the others tend to do the same. No one wants his house to be empty while the others are full. All these factors such as a shift in consumer buying and supply of products, affect the supplier, and a shift towards online eCommerce stores.

Online shopping and safety in eCommerce:

The onset of COVID-19 disease spread has led to the boost of online shopping in different ways. But then came the question of public safety and disease threat that may be caused due to the unknown factors of online sales. A lot of sources available online, provide us with information about the materials and times for which the virus stays alive on the surface of day to day objects. The numbers may vary from 3hrs to 3 days. This suggests that the virus may not be able to survive in the long conditions of travel following the processes of packaging to delivery into faraway locations through different transporting techniques.

According to the WHO and CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), the cases related to the spread of the COVID-19 virus, through packaged products that are shipped over long distances would have extremely low probability. “The likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, traveled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low.”, says the website. So it may be considered safe to receive packages and products through eCommerce platforms. Just to be a hundred percent sure, one can take precautions such as sanitizing the hands and the product, throwing away the external covering without taking the package inside, etc.

The Shift in Revenue flow:

The external conditions due to the spread of the virus as mentioned before, are changing the behavior of shopping among people of different parts of the world. In a major view, the population in cities has started to shift towards hands-free shipping techniques, with the use of technology. The number of individuals willing to get out of their houses to have a shopping experience has drastically dropped. This suggests that a number of these people have started to take their shopping online with the help of eCommerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc. A survey puts forward the result that, a rise of about 30% of consumers has been felt in eCommerce.

eCommerce to the rescue:

We are all currently living in a condition of elated entropy all around us. The consumers of your business are facing challenges to get their necessities fulfilled in these difficult times, so is the situation of your livelihood due to the inability of delivering the products or services to them. This writeup is hoped to help understand customer behavior, few challenges to be tackled with and some solutions to face these hardships, and to be able to help you and your customer to improve your condition of living in these troubled times, for a better tomorrow. Know more about the advantages and disadvantages of eCommerce.

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