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What is an On Page SEO?

I hope the previous discussion on Search engine optimization made a certain impression among you readers on why SEO is such an important tool to discuss. As mentioned about it before, the two major classifications of SEO are on-page and off-page SEO. In this writeup, we will get to know more about On-page SEO. To know more about Off-page SEO click here.

On-page SEO mostly deals with stuff that has to be done and maintained in the process of building the page or post. In some ways, it is like the decorations done before and after writing a content that is to be up published online. On-page SEO deals with mostly 3 important categories.

1. Content

As we all know, ‘Content is King’. As it can be guessed, content is the bounty of on-page SEO, that is obtained to the user as the reward for the war between websites and Search Engines. Whenever a user uses a search engine to find useful information on the web, the search engine, Google to be more specific provides us with the aptest result that might suit the search. Google takes into account hundreds of factors related to a search. It then displays the results that are most suited to the scenario. But the content if not worth the risk, the user finds it annoying to dig for results that do not suit his interests.

False content is like holding a map in the wrong way. It will lead to unknown locations that do not make sense. Google thus has a technique called calculating the bounce rate. A user when clicks on a link on the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages), expects content that matches the search. But when it turns out the other way, the user obviously gets out of the page. This is called bouncing. Google keeps a track of the bouncing rates and a high bouncing rate means low rating or even getting banned from search results.

2. Keyword planning for On-Page SEO

Keyword planning and analysis are an essential part of designing an on-page SEO for a website. A keyword or focus keyword as the name suggests is that one word that most of the content of a web page is related to. Google uses this word to analyze your website with the help of a few techniques. The keyword is the one used first by search engines to recognize the content right for a particular search by a user. A few important factors connected to Keyword analysis include the following :

Keyword distribution

The keyword used for good content should have a fair density of it while using it in paragraphs, titles, and descriptions. For optimized keyword usage, most of the paragraphs must contain the keyword. However, Google recognizes adding the keyword in each and every paragraph without an apt position as not legitimate. Remember, Google is smart!

Keyword in SERP

Including the Focus Keyword in the title and Meta Description are important factors for the search engine to consider your content as apt for a search result. In the result below for Digital Marketing, the sentences trimmed by google are due to not optimizing the content on the title and description.

Keyword length

As Google uses the focus keyword to identify content for a particular search result, it is more apt to optimize the length of the focus keyword so that it does not miss content that is not there in the keyword or that the keyword is more specific to lose the general content. The given below example by Google Ads might give more clarity.


less keyword length

high keyword length

3.HTML tags

Not all online businesses need to have computer experts but running an online business by not knowing the ABC of coding would be a disaster in the use of an on-page SEO. A few basic properties if known, handling of the above will be like a man on a rope without any trouble. A few important aspects of these include :


The title of the page is the first impression created by you to a user who has landed on the search engine with your web page on it. To make the title elegant and attractive is like placing the first stone towards the constricting of a massive skyscraper. A relevant and helping title will win a lot of hearts and needless to mention, consumers. It alights the user on to the description of the business.

Meta description

As mentioned earlier, the title gets your attention towards the meta description of your content on the web page. This is where you display the specific part of your products or services, for the user. Note that the keyword must be present in both the title and description for the best-optimized results. the result below shows the example of a search done for Digital Marketing.

meta description

Other factors in On-page SEO

Besides the above-mentioned factors that require fixing, there are a few others. If taken care can add up to the gains of on-page SEO. Some of them are :

1. Page speed: No user has the interest to find time to wait for a web page to show itself in front of him. According to Google survey, there is a probability of about 32% of bouncing off a page if the load times are between 1s to 3s and 123% if it is close to 10 seconds. Thus, the speed of loading must be minimum for a website to be ranked well.
2. Handset friendliness: The web design if friendly with a mobile phone has its own ranking in Google on-page SEO.
3. Duplicate content: As in other kinds of publishings, the publishments done online goes through an assessment for duplicate content. If found, that might be a black mark for future business publishings.

page speed

On Page SEO to the rescue

As a result of all these mentioned and many other non mentioned factors, on-page SEO hand in hand with an off-page SEO, gives the business a boost which may be fast or slow depending on the field. Overall, search engine optimization helps a budding sapling to grow into a successful business enterprise in the times to come.

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