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Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is often confused to be the same as social media marketing, but they are not. In fact, it could be said that social media marketing is a sequel to social media optimization. You may think of it as the magic beans which when sown in the right places at the right conditions it takes you straight up to the skies. SMO is basically an extensive process, where you need to work on your website and web pages, so they can perform in an optimum way on social media platforms and connect your website to different social networks easily.
Some of the important techniques to always follow include adding social widgets, installing social sharing buttons, initiating social sign-ins, starting social interaction, creating shareable content, sharing content regularly, and optimizing the social pages. SMO can be considered a little easy to manage on your own as compared to social media marketing because this usually includes sharing details about your business and yourself on not just Facebook and Twitter, but also on blogs, forums and other sites with content similar or related to your own business. ​